thumbnail-3Formerly known as A-Jaycee Chemicals & Trading, the company was formed in November 2001 to provide an alternative brand of paint products, solvent, and thinner . Now, it specializes in the manufacturing and repacking of paints, thinners, varnish, and other related chemicals for cars, household, and industrial uses . Amid tough industry competition, it is widely recognized as one of the trusted solvent companies that provide high quality products at a competitively lower price for its growing number of customers. The machinery and equipment being used for its production are custom built for high quality and performance.

Quality, dependability, price competitiveness, and customer satisfaction have been the pillars of the company’s success. In its six (6) years of its operations, it maintains a good relationship with its satisfied customers.

The company’s young, motivated, and hardworking workforce is one of the keys to its continued success. Its people provide a good playing field for the utilization and development of knowledge, skills, and talents to meet its common goal. Moreover, the innovative and competitive management staff also caters to the growth and the needs of its employees.


To become the leading company that manufactures and produces high quality solvents and paint products in the country that will excel as a provider and leader in the solvent blending industry. It also envisions becoming a company that gives its finest to accommodate to the needs of its people and impart outstanding service to its community beyond comparison.

We are committed to these principles:

Quality, dependability, price competitiveness, and customer Satisfaction.

These are the foundations of our success.